Set-up Sheet Errors EVERYWHERE!!!!!! The issue just seems to be getting worse. I'm guessing maybe something is dirty. Thoughts on solving the issue?

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Not making sense here - give me more to consider - you load paper put lever down - and then you get error - what does panel say.

Make sure if you have in extra pinch rollers everyone of them are under a blue marking - which machine you working with

Also make sure you have the right blue pinch roller on the other side of the orange opening

apologies for some of the basic stuff but I need more to help
Sorry, I posted pretty stupidly. I am getting a Sheet Set Error. All the rollers are where they need to be. sp-540v I don't believe this to be a roller positioning issue.

Try this if you haven't already. Turn off main power, unplug machine wait a couple of minutes. Fire it backup see if it will reset. I have a SP300V and when weird stuff happens its what I do.

Yeah I've tried that, it works most the time but I was wondering if there was a more permanent solution.

My GX 24 was having the same problem. According to service center one of the pinch rollers was bad. They repaired it no trouble since. The pinch roller sensor works by way of magnets.

Why thank ya!


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