Came in this morning to an error on our SP-300v.  Machine was initially beeping and saying temp was too hot in office.  Turned off the machine and turned back on as it wasn't very hot in here and now getting an error message stating "Service Call 0002".  Anyone heard of this before?

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Heat issue - thermister possible issue  failing and need to be replace

0002 is an issue with the servo board, the main board or the cable between the two

Those are the things to check, or to ask a local tech about

Thanks!  Do you know if there is a simple way to turn off the beeping.  I can't turn off the sub-power with the error and I don't want to unplug the machine.

Actually you can turn it off from the main power switch, then turn it back on. You should be fine until it turn on and does a cleaning It may or may not come back and you will have to repeat the process.

If you have to turn it off  then you can clamp the captop lines and add cleaning fluid to keep the head from drying out.


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