Hi I received the following on my Content wall: Kayi Rose Mivedor said…

Hello, i am contacting you based on an important issue which will be of great importance to both of us.I do not know you but from the every research i have made, you are the right person i must contact. i need your attention so i can share with you the reason of contacting you.contact me on my private email address(caseycasanova7@gmail.com). 


Casey Casanova. I responded with an email with just the word Hi. today i got this email 

Dear Respected Friend,
Many thanks for your response to my proposal. I appreciate your urgent response and full interest as indicated in this pending transaction.
The role I want you to play on this transaction is stand as a next of kin to my deceased client. After the bank has contacted me officially to present the next of kin of my deceased client. I discovered that if I did not take a drastic step to arrange for the transfer of this fund urgently the funds  would be confiscated by the bank management.The owner of this account was a foreigner who died as a result of an accident with his entire household in Togo with no trace of his family abroad.The account had been operated coded hence none of his relatives know about this account or anything concerning it. Note:on conclusion of the project, 45% of the fund will be for you,and 45% for me,then 10% will be set aside for charity, I mean, to help the less privilege in the society, such as orphanage and motherless babies home. etc.  Note;, the said Inheritance fund is (14 Million USD)
Be rest assured that this transaction will be conducted under the normal legal framework without the breach of any existing laws both local and international. Due to the huge amount of money involved, I therefore, implore you to be serious and adhere to my instructions by keeping this project and all our communications absolute confidential to enable us achieve the desired objective. Based on the above clarification, I encourage you to get back to me urgently with the under-listed information to enable me draft an application letter of claim which will be submitted to the Finance Firm for approval and to release the fund to you as the beneficiary.
1.Your full name:...2.Nationality:...3.Date of birth:..4.Phone number....5.Phone number:................6.Occupation:
I will send you an application letter to be submitted to the finance firm as soon I receive a positive reply from you.
Best regards,
Barrister Casey Cassanova 

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My apologies for the spam email etc. We try very hard to keep spammers, trolls etc. out of the forum but from time to time they do slip past. 

I have suspended the member in question, deleted their content and blocked their ip address from accessing the forum going forward. I appreciate you bringing it to my attention and please do let me know of any other issues going forward so I can respond to them promptly. 

Steven Jackson - MVC Forum Admin

Thank you Steven for the quick response

Thanks Steven. The email seemed a bit fishy...


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