Hello All. I got my hands on a used ROland SC-545ex, guy had it sitting for about two years.

I started this refurb with the easy stuff: I dusted it off, replaced caps, wipers, dampers, pumps and ink. Tried purging the heads but half of them were dead. Put the printer back together, powers up, cuts fine but is not pulling ink to the heads, try sucking all the air with a syringe but still all lines have air and no ink flowing. Is it safe to buy all heads and see if that fixes the issue? (I need to buy them anyway but I saved the expensive stuff for last)... I believe this printer is worth fixing, cost me nothing and I have spent about $300 on it already..my plan is fix it, put it to work until I can afford a newer model

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You are not saying what it is doing when you start it up - 

Is it going through the process but no printing

Do you hear the pump working

Did you do a head soak for a few days to free up the nozzles

If you are using a syringe to pull ink any free nozzles should flow if not

Are lines free

if none - need a prolong head soak

is air coming in through where fittings are - may have to snip lines

is the head seated on the cap

on the cap what are connected to the three nipples

- It goes through the process but no printing, carriage moves ok

- all 3 pumps on captop work (I see them turn)

- I soaked the heads for days, some work with deflection, others were shut dead

- I removed the lines from the pump and pulled from there and nothing, next I pulled from the dampers and I get ink and air so Im assuming there is a leak (someone mentioned maybe there is a bad seal where it punctures the ink bag). Is it possible to have a leak on all six lines?

-I will re-do the fittings

- I have the heads seated on the cap with cleaning solution

- Three nipples on cap?


OK forget the captop 3 nipples - thinking another machine

OK your machine - several things

One ink will eat through the ribbon cables and cause micro shorts - popping the fuses on the motherboard

Also easy to crack the nipple on the manifold - causing sucking wind

Also leaks not from cartridge, but from where hose connects to the dampers - sometimes need to replace or snip ends to get a tight fit.

It may take a few soaks (48hrs) followed by some power cleans on a new top - get some aftermarket for those soaks

on an old top you are getting diluted cleaning solution

Also check that the t connects on the lines below the top are clear same going to pumps

mostly - fuse and nipples are the culprits

use alcohol to clean cables

Thanks for the reply

Tomorrow i will clean up all ribbons, redo all hoses and verify manifolds (but remember I also tried the syringe straight on the dampers and was still getting air). Now that I remember, I have new dampers but havent replaced them yet.

How do I locate and test the fuses?

When I soaked the heads, I took them all out and put them in a container with enough solution to cover the head but before the circuit (youtube tutorial), after a day, used a syringe to push solution thru the head. Did that for a couple of days with 50% success rate so I said "Let me get new heads and start from scratch" and put them back on.

fuse located on the motherboard and a ohms meter is necessary and if popped they are usually solder in unless they replaced with a swappable one

So far these are my findings:

- While cleaning the ink off the ribbons, noticed the metal connectors came off the ribbon on some of them so I will need to replace them. Seen them around $5 each on Ebad

- One cyan damper has a damaged inner plastic and O ring

- LC must be leaking somewhere because I still pull air with the syringe

- Using the syringe was able to pull ink without air up to the dampers, Don't know if it will go pass the head due to the ribbon issue????


I finally got the dampers in the mail, replaced them and now printer is out of Cyan and LC ink..... cant do anything until I replace the cartridges.. now gotta wait a few more days  ;(


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