Hello , i having a problem with my xr640. Printer was unused like 8 months approximately. And few days ago i started it again. And im facing a problem. Before i try to use it. I cleaned everything. But my heads printing bad. Head B doing better. Printing 4 colours. Head A printing only mark A and no colours. When i starting test print through computer. Logo missing colours. Red. Also it figured out that it was some ink on motherboard. It happened because of transportation . Its looks like fuse is okey . Doesn’t looks visual like burned. What you guys thought about it. Its my head dead. Or i should change fuse, captop and everything what’s possible and than look at head ?

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After about 10 medium and few power cleaning head A start show something
Now red coming back. https://ibb.co/YTZXhDb

Doing this test without a good nozzle test is a waste of ink. Missing nozzles you can expect banding and wrong colors.

So what i can do more to get nozzles back ?

Without being there and know what got it to that state it is hard to say. If it was not plugged in and ink removed, then you have the head clogged with ink. If a 48hr headsoad did not move it or moved the ink enough, then maybe another 48 hours. The quickest way to correct is to replace the head. 

https://ibb.co/qp53y0R This is now best what i got. But after last head soak today. Head A and B stop printing at all. Probably im going to buy a new heads ?

From where I sit, the quickest and most efficient option are new heads.


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