Hello , i having a problem with my xr640. Printer was unused like 8 months approximately. And few days ago i started it again. And im facing a problem. Before i try to use it. I cleaned everything. But my heads printing bad. Head B doing better. Printing 4 colours. Head A printing only mark A and no colours. When i starting test print through computer. Logo missing colours. Red. Also it figured out that it was some ink on motherboard. It happened because of transportation . Its looks like fuse is okey . Doesn’t looks visual like burned. What you guys thought about it. Its my head dead. Or i should change fuse, captop and everything what’s possible and than look at head ?

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Stop wasting ink printing large pictures. All information needed is in the nozzle test and you took that so far away.

I am thinking you transported it without removing the ink and the head became uncapped. Ink on the motherboard a issue, if it sat there for a while it will eat through any protective coating and short out some thing(s). That needs to be cleaned with alcohol while machine is unplugged. If fuses had blown you would have been lucky to know where the issue is. You may have to replace the mainboard. You say not used for 8 months, is that plugged in and not used or not plugged in? At the minimum, captops are required and a few powerful cleans. It would not hurt to do a 48 hr headsoak on the old tops and then change them. Your question to determine - no printing - clog issue or electrical issue.

Yes it was transported with ink and uncovered head. And printer was unplugged for all this time. I did now around 10 medium wash, powerful wash. But head A printing only mark A with no colours. What im also noticed that on one captop is colours after runing a test and orher is just dirty with no change’s . By the way I cleaned motherboard .

I would do a head soak, because nothing to lose and not on for 8months is ink dried in the nozzles. You are pushing more ink possibly into clogged nozzles so something will give. On the other hand, the fuses may be good because the head is not blowing them, but the board is damaged and you are not getting the ink. The printing of the label and that of the nozzles are driven from two different areas of the board.


I believe it should not be air in these pipes?

are you showing me the waste side of the pump

did you do the head soak

Yes its a waste side. I did soak but im not sure it was correct way I did it. Because i cant move a head like on youtube videos. To push for unlock and do other steps. Can you tell me please how to do perfect head soak on xr 640 ?

the waste side does not have ink unless the pump is sending waste ink from captops

I would have to look your machine up - if it is the older one - then you need the crank tool to lower the cap station - then move to the left - fill with cleaner - move to right, then crank back up

Really thank you Irving for helping out :) yes i found a hole under machine with bolt which should be adjusted with crank tool. Now i can make a normal Head soak. But the question is : when i fill up cleaner on captop all cleaner absorbs fast to captop . Should i use something more . Or its should be like this? Thank you .

You can search other post where I posted many times on headsoaks. But what you need to do briefly:

- unplug machine

- clamp hoses under tops

- unlock head

- Move head

- fill tops with OEM cleaner

- Return Head

- Lock Head

- after 24 hours check and add more cleaner if required

- another 24 hrs to total 48

- after - do 2 powerful clean then nozzle test - post that test

- it will look worst before better

- change of tops will be necessary - so do on old tops if you have

Machine needs to stay unplugged during soak to prevent auto cleaning

remember to unclamp lines

Hello i did everything but still very bad results. I soak head did power cleaning. But still head a do nothing and head B printing 4 colours. This is how brand new head tops looks now . https://ibb.co/PwXR3XN

Do not see the original to see the starting point. I see only one test - and the magenta looks like it suffered a head strike.


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