Hi guys
This is my first time posting.

I have Roland XC-540 Pro 3, running CMYKLCLM, solvent

Using Ritrama, Ri jet 100, printing some urgent stickers, I have a marble logo to print.

However, used many generic profiles, different color management presets, high quality, etc

But all of this results the color of the marble to be redish, or more purple, but not the actual white that it shows on the screen.

I am using VeraWorks 5.1.0

Could you please advice and recommend as what I can do to fix this issue?

Its an urgent matter, please help out.

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- So post a good pix of a nozzle test

- How old are the captops

- did you check the lines and connectors under the tops for clogs

- You have 6 heads - each share 2 lines starting from the left in pairs give your ink configuration 

- the image is raster or vector

- post your pix of the image

- which profile did you try or shortly were all generic

answer all the above the best you can and I will attempt to help you further


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