Hello I have started having a banding issue with my printer. After doing a nozzle test I noticed that some of the magenta is missing. What can I do to get those nozzles working again?

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consistent up or across missing nozzles will give you banding

Hold old is the captop

I just changed the captop on friday,  no change 

Although the pattern is not consistent with a head strike. bring the head over to the maintenance bay and check the surface of the head. Check your lines (M) see if you have air in the lines, check the lines below the top and ensure they are all working and no clogs

check your magenta carts and ensure they have some ink. Although you have two missing blocks, the test is done in 2 passes. so that is just a repeat of the top half. 

If you have air in the lines, Power clean or choke clean can remove.

I can’t really tell if the head is damaged or not 

Take a pix and post

Picture is not clear, so I cannot see if that is damaged or a reflection. If you see a deep groove in the service, then the nozzles are more than likely damaged beyond repair. If it is dried ink, then a foam swab with cleaning solution held against the surface and NOT RUBBED back and forth on the surface. Just hold against to let the solution soak in and cleaning will clear up the rest.

I dont really see any deep groves in the head 

Unless I am seeing wrong - you have issues on the print head meaning they will not be recovered.

Also on the right side and edges, there should be no dry ink which can impede the head from properly sealing.

To me its like the cap top is not pumping right because I have cleaned the the head and still getting ink around the edges, How can I check that 

You have a great nozzle test other than that Magenta channel. The one missing black nozzle would never show up in your prints due to how the printing is overlapped. So when you see the consistent missing nozzles you need to look at head surface. The nozzles are right above the gold plating and will explain what you see. If you were missing a whole channel, then suspect dampers, if you are missing nozzles throughout all colors and colors crossing over, suspect captop. You can put a syringe on the lines below the top or at the waste container and check your top usability..


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