We have gotten a rfq that is 0.5" too long to do on another setup.  It would be awesome if I could set up the perf cut on our VS-540 to cut out this shape instead of spending a few thousand dollars on a die.  However, all the things I have seen on perf cutting have to do with anything that uses a liner.  Is there something I don't know that would be serious bad news bears if I attempt this?  If I change the media settings to paper the perf cut option is no longer available so I would have to set the media in versaworks to be something else.  I've set things up on other machines to make things work that shouldn't before, but I'm a bit paranoid about messing this one up since I don't really know all its ins and outs.

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There is a video presented by Steve Jackson which covers the process. I think it will give you insight to the capabilities.

Production level runs may end up costing you more as it can tie the machine up.


If you mean this one: http://myversacamm.com/video/roland-versacamm-perforated-cutting, it was very informative but he is making perf cut decals and I just want to be able to cut paper, not something on a backing.  When I set a Versaworks job to have paper as the media type, perf cut is no longer available as an editable option.  I don't want to do something that could damage the printer so I wanted to see if I could get a yea or nay opinion from those much more knowledgeable than I on this matter.

We are not concerned about having to tie the machine up; the majority of the business is flexography, with offset printing as a second. We also have some digital options for short run items; thus we use the VersaCamm for banners, short run labels, proofing, occasionally signage, etc. as supplemental options.

If I won't hurt the machine doing a perf cut to a paper material, do I just need to half the force needed for the "normal" portion of the perf cut as there is no removable part to base it on?

The ins and outs - You can set it up as if you were using something with a liner. Glossy media - GCVP / Matte media MCVP. What I do is use both a contour cutline and a Perfcut line. Before you run the job you have to test the media for both the cut contour and the perf cut. What you don't want is to cut so deep that the object falls out and jams your printhead. A few tries and you should have it down.

Lovely as usual. Thank you so much! I will try that after lunch.

It may be beneficial to go through the motions on a normal peer cut as you will see the characteristic of the printer cutting acceptable materials. This will allow you to identify limitations that may present itself.

The media can lose it rigidity and induce the jams Irving spoke of bases on the manner in which the cuts are laid out.

So there are precautions one must take.

There are a number of factors that will come into play. Paper thickness, Blade size/angle, cut parameters.

Test test test



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