Hey there guys, so im having an issue with my Roland vs540. Its been on going for about 4 months now. At first it was a fuse in the motherboard, got that fixed. but then we were having issues getting all inks to print. I can use a syringe from the ink tubes above the print head and they will flow. But if i take my syringe to where the pump is, it will not grab the ink, and put it through the print heads. Also any cleanings will not pump the ink aswell, and lastly I tried to pump the ink with the ink restore feature after you change a tube or have it flow for the first time. At this point im not sure what to change. changed the cables to the print heads already prior to the mother board fix. the pump does work. sucking manually will not work. anyone have any ideas on what to do next? (: open for options. thanks guys!

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Looks like air in the lines

You can do about 25 powerful cleanings and that might work - however in service mode look for the choke clean option in the same area you found the restore. If that does not work for you, then do the fill option since ink is the least of your issue.

I don't have that option under Ink control! it only gives me 2, ink renewal and empty mode.

If you cannot get into service mode, then ink renewal - 


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