Hi all, I am burning the midnight oil trying to solve the problem I'm having at work, so I cannot add pictures of the problem. I can only relate the frustrating state of affairs in the hope somebody might know what could be wrong. I will try to add pics tomorrow once I get to the office.

So Friday my Windows 10 PC decides to install Windows 10 update and subsequently kills itself over the weekend. Monday morning, it goes in and needs to be formatted. 

We decide to move the Roland to the designer next to me, but his PC doesn't have an extra network port, so they go and install one quickly as we have to print. It comes back, we install the VerseWorks 5.something software off the disc they supplied and it moans about an app (can't remember the name... kicker something, but will look for it tomorrow) that is not compatible (he has windows 10 too). The software installs anyway and we start doing tests. We usually print on Generic textile transfer high quality profile as this is the best we can do and the quality looks great. But there is ghosting when we do this from the newly installed VersaWorks. 

This ghosting looks line parallel lines extending around the edges of the logo in magenta and maybe other colors I can't recall. The lines follow the orientation of the graphic. so it's not a print head nozzle issue. Ie if the graphic is portrait, the lines goes up and down, if the same graphic is turned landscape, the lines are left to right. 

We call the Roland Techie and he says we need to initialize the software. We do that and it resets all the settings to default (vinyl 1 standard print) and we test this and it prints- no ghosting. I change it to the better setting and we have ghosting again. ARGH

We get the Roland technician to come this morning to help, he can't help as he says it's a Windows issue. He tries re-installing the VersaWorks software and it just hangs there. So that PC also needs formatting. My PC comes back and we switch back and he installs the programme, again the app isn't compatible and again the software installs and he sets up the default settings and we print something and it's gorgeous. He leaves. I start importing stuff I need to print and see the default is set to Vinyl 1, so I change to Generic textile heat transfer and print again and yes, more ghosting!!!

I am rather aggravated at this point. I speak to the technician again and ask if he has a disc of an older version somewhere so I can install that and then try updating via the internet, so hopefully that will help tomorrow. 

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