I set up artwork in illustrator use the Roland swatch for white then save to eps. Upload in versaworks. It shows the white droplet indicating white it also shows up as magenta in the preview. I select clear vinyl and white(v) and also select print only. When I send it to print it prints out silver? Have tried everything possible could this be a profile problem? The printer then ran out of silver ink after 3 small square were printed for test. I use versaworks 5 Roland vs-300, cmyk,Lm,Lc,metallic, white ink set up.I bought the printer refurbished and it prints white perfectly on the test print. They said they put in a new print head. I am pulling my hair out. Please help.

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Post your nozzle test

Post your cartridges from the left to the right

Look at the top of the head - You have four dampers - read me the colors going into the dampers

left top

Left bottom

2nd top

2nd bottom - etc

Yep you got it. Just had a tech look at my printout and showed him my printhead. The company that I bought this refurbished machine from changed the silver and white line around. So it’s printing silver instead of white. They did blame me and versaworks and the fact I run VM’s on a Mac,so I hooked up my windows laptop and it was the same. They going to send out a tech to sort it out. Thank you for your reply only just got off the phone and heard the bad news.

They won't but need to change the lines and dampers to prevent remnants of the old color. They will flush the lines and keep their fingers crossed.

Yes I am not going to let them touch the printer. They obviously dont have much pride in their workmanship. I am going to have the lines and dampers replaced and a new set of inks put in. Got hold of a tech that specialises in Roland so he will come and do that for me. It was really driving me mad. It’s a good printer and other then that it really prints well. I will upgrade in a years time so it should get me through. The rest of the printer looks really clean and the tech did say it looks like that’s the only problem as everything else was replaced and you can see they new. Thank you for your reply.

Welcome, no need for new inks though - just correct lines from cartridge to damper - and if he only switched 1 and 8 (two circulating lines) then just dampers are required. All the best - that printer is a work horse.


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