Hi All,

Was wondering if I can get some advise? You all have been great everytime I needed some help.  I really appreciate this group.

I have a Roland VP540 that seems to print out blurry. I am not sure if the heads are bad or if I messed something up while doing maintenance on the machine. I have changed the caps and ink lines going to the motor that sucks ink from the cap. I did a head clean. I am using Roland original inks now (previously tried aftermarket) Not sure what else to try. I was thinking maybe the black head is bad, but it seems to not print sharp in any color (kind of like the heads are not aligned correctly or something)

Not sure if you can see from the image but I am showing a before and after test print and an print of a poster that used be clear when I printed a couple months ago and is now blurry.

Thank You in advance for the input.

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Take a single pix of the nozzle test - most recent - straight on

Take something small and print it in bi-direction and again in unidirection - that will help determine the issue, and 

Finally what is the humidity where you are printing

How old is your captop/

Let me do all of the above today and post. The captop are new less than a month with very little /hardly any printing this month. It is currently 50 degrees with 99% humidity cause it is raining hard. I am in San Francisco, CA.

Thank You for the reply.

These are the unidirectional and directional prints, sorry ran out of scrap material on the directional.

This is the current test print. Sorry for the shadows.

Several things from afar

Did you touch the heads at all - the heads look not aligned (magenta off line)

Look at your cyan head, if that is not your fingerprint on the media then check the head surface

Missing consecutive nozzles up or down will give you color shifts and banding

Wiggly nozzles lines and deflections will give you fuzzy prints - due to ink not hitting where it is supposed to

recommendation - check head surface, a head soak, some powerful cleanings.

Check the first set of prints with cyan deflections,

also looks like you are using wrong profile or not using default media in the printer tab - you not getting dot gain (so spotty prints)

Not a knock, but you may want to use the media to get a full assesment

I did have to take out the head carriage with the heads on because I previously had an issue with the heads not seating onto the captops correctly, which caused it not to feed ink.  I did not know how to align it without moving the whole carriage. That could be my problem as I know the carriage can be raised or lowered.

I believe I touched the media before it printed and that was the results. I will try and print again. I am using Oracal 3165 matte and gloss. 

When you say "wiggly nozzle lines and deflecitons" are you talking like the blacks have 2 lines closer to each other kind of looking like the "=" sign? I am not familar with reading the test prints and how a defection should look or not? The lines themselves seem straight if you are talking about each line being an straight "-"?  

The profiles I am using is from Oracal and is for the 3165. I will try with "default media" to see how it turn out.

Thank You again and sorry for the stupid questions.

If you do not know none of the questions are stupid, so feel free to ask - others are learning from your post.

Look under your color and you see the magenta halo - the head is not aligned and must be done is service mode. Unfortunately, I cannot instruct you how to correct. If you get in the neighborhood, I can then see how to further direct you. 

As for the head not lining up - in the service mode is a feature called - flushing adjustment - that is how to adjust for that issue. It moves the heads to line up.

On the printer tab, if you use default media - then it will set the machine to match your profile - if the heat is too high then no dot gain and drying before the ink covers necessary area causing the choppy grainy look.

As for nozzle test - tells a lot , that is why from there I can tell the health of your machine

equally space full nozzles are the ideal - deflections causes overspray and improper ink mix thus off colors and oversprays

deflections and wiggly lines means dried ink in the nozzles so partial firing - the worst case for deflections are head strikes. Blocked nozzles corrected from cleaning and soaks - deflections from strikes - head replace.

Earlier request reasons: 

Unidirection - Print should be clear - print in one direction

BiDirection - Print fuzzy - then your Adjust bidirection is off and printheads dropping ink too soon or too late to line up with the previous pass.

Hopes all this makes sense and moves you closer to a solution.

Also - Using profiles for the media is good, however Roland makes some good general ones - I also use GCVP for the 3165. 

I couldn't really find a "service mode" I am thinking it is "maintenance" on my machine? And the only thing I can find regarding adjusting is the "Bi directional adjustment" Not sure if that is it or not? I have attached an image I printed after trying to physically adjust the carriage/head. There is an distinct "yellow outline" around the red lines, I assume that is the Halo you are talking about? I am not sure why that is there?

I did take an image of the bi directional test print also. Because I don't really know how to read the ink test print I took the most recent one as well. Hope you don't mind?


Nope never do I mind when I can find time to come on here. The issue is that service mode is key combinations and we cannot give that out here due to an agreement we have with Roland, and as a Tech it is like leaving the front door open. Neither is good due to ramifications. So you had a Magenta line, now yellow - both indicating your printer will not print the best it can. 

You do need a Tech visit, for you have 4 heads and it is a matter of loosening the screws and then making micro adjustments. The tech can run test from an alternate menu and then make the adjustments. They will not be able to recover those nozzles or deflections, nor would you want to pay them for watching a 48hr head soak.

I got past the service mode. I did find some settings in the adjust print function would it be possible you can point me in the right direction or should i just get a tech over at this point?


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