I'll try to make this short. I have a old VP300 with one chanel of the black head that's not printing well. It was printing fine before I went on a months vacation. When I came back the magenta and black wouldn't print. A technicien told me to print in high quality and it should unclog the heads. This worked for the magenta but not the black.

I didn't know what else to do I did cleaning cycles, head soaks etc. So I squeezed a little with my fingers the tubes feeding into the dampers above the black head. And then it worked. I did a nozzle check and it printed out the black on both channels. I did a few prints worked fine. Then the next day one channel in the black stopped printing correctly. 

Should I replace the damper or the cap?

I have pics of my nozzle test if needed to see how it was printing.

Thanks in advance for any advice,


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Always post the nozzle test period we are trying to imagine what you are describing

Next sounds like you have air in the system 

A tech could remove with a choke clean, A user can remove with some powerful cleans

initially a 48 hour headsoak; a few medium cleans, and possibly syringing under the cap to pull the air would have been a good approach.

What you are experiencing is air moving 

Thanks for your reply. Sorry didn't post pics I'm new to these forums.

Here's some pics.

One has no black,

then one shows the black printing the correct width  (cropped because I did another nozzle test that doubled over the bottom half by mistake. But it printed basically the same all the way down with a few holes in the black.)

Then the third pic is the following day when it was only printing half of the black. I'll try a 48 hour headlock like you said and followed by medium cleans and syringing under the cap if necessary. Bad quality pics I know

Thanks for your help



OK when complete channels are missing - that will indicate a damper issue

When a partial print (some Nozzles) that indicates an air or surface issue.

When you have moving nozzles then air

When you have consistently same nozzles, then block nozzles or surface dried ink

excellent, Thanks for the info. 


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