So our Roland VG 540 is not printing complete lines. What I mean by this is that the artwork that is sent to the printer will be a box. But, on Versaworks and Flexisign you will see the completed box. But once the printer has started printing, it sometimes only prints 2 or 3 lines of said box.

So far it hasn't ruined any artwork from this, but it is annoying when we cut banners.

Thanks in advance!

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might be as simple as the pdf or eps file needs a small border set around the artwork can be set in the art program or inside versaworks

my coworker did mention that the small border around the artwork has been helping for him. I'm just curious why it does this and how to make it so we don't need the border around the artwork.

personally, I would need to see a for instance

Not a flexi user, but do know the tru vis machines

Does the machine start printing and then a now processing

Or starts printing and then just goes and runs as if printing but nothing coming out

Its not a printer issue. The printer will continue to print normally. I think its a file issue because it picks and chooses when not to print the lines. sometimes it will but 1 line it doesnt print other times it will be 2. Its just annoying to cut banners without a cut line.

Could it be as simple as your eps margin settings?

Well then it sounds like a banner issue. Not sure what size banner, but when I do banners, I reduce it by 50 or 75 percent in my graphics program and then bring it back to original size in VW. VW only needs 72 dpi to give you a great print. If you do 300dpi at print size that is a huge file that could cause you to run out of memory.


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