I have created this .pec file but no way to read it to get the info. Can someone tell me what program I need to read it. I tried Notepad ++ but no luck.

Thanks in advance,


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Pec is a brothers embroidery file. You will need a brothers program to open it.

.pec is a peck report file. It is a data file that shows all the times, running hours, inks etc. of a VersaCAMM printer. 

It requires the PECK tool that is a tech level tool to open and read. 

converted text file is attached. 


Thank you very much Steven.

I just tried to open it, there is nothing in it.

Because you need the Peck tool - it reads the Roland motherboard

What info are you trying to get - anything in particular? Steve sent the text file which is the translation of your pec

Steve got it for me. Was looking for the hours as I have it for sale.


You looking for hours, does not tell much based on care. However, other than one cartridge not being changed (could indicate third party ink) the machine looks to be in good condition on paper with a minimum head strike and errors. Good luck on your sale.


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