Hi Everyone,

I recently had an issue with my Roland VP540 Printing vertical black lines. Attached are the images for the same. Any thoughts to fix this would be appreciated.



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Communication error

How many jobs in your queue

What is the size of your hard drive and how much room is remaining

Is the cable from printer to computer fully seated at both ends

is the power cable in the back completely seated and to the wall plugged in

What is your operating system

Did it just start and what happened just before it was noticed

Steady or intermittent

Thanks for your reply Irving,

Have checked the cables - Tried to do a test after disconnecting the network cable but its still the same. I am on windows 7 - with ample hd space. Have checked the cabling, Attaching the latest image after a test. 


Based on your PM, again there is a cable working itself loose!

That is block banding - different than the other communication feedback. That comes from the printhead cables not being aligned parallel and secured to the housing - that does happen on its own but through touching!

Thanks a  lot, I ll check on that and see if the problem is fixed. 

That's what mine was doing. Intermittent, random, always a new or different print error. I changed the head cables, the 3 long data cables, and now I am changing the mainboard. VP-540/540i are crap. They all do this.

I had this problem, but recently I opened the main board + the servo board sitting above it, removed all the wiring and cleaned the MB + the servo board with isopropyl alcohol. This has eliminated the problem. Also I have cut the ends of the data cables and put them back into the position, which were almost causing the problems.

Other main reason why this happens is because of the small exhaust fan sitting behind the main board which keeps blowing the dust on the MB and the servo board, which also causes the MB to function improperly or throw in weird problems. 

All in all it is the cabling issue, if you can trim the data cables about 2mm and put them back into its slots it will be resolved. No need to change the MB. Let me know if you need more info. I am optimistic it will be resolved.      



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