Hello all, I bought a second hand SP540v last year and have had no issues with it up untill a couple weeks back when it wouldn't register the media clamps in turn not being able to set up sheet.
From there i have replaced the ribbon/flex cable from the cut carriage and it ran smooth again until last week Thursday when i had a job running and i was away from the printer. It seems it has completed the job and gone into standby, i turned it on only to hear the worst noise i have heard machinery to make as outlined in the attached video followed by "Motor Error 0088 0080" displayed on the screen. I have researched and researched and cannot find anything related to the noise, i did find many results for the motor error however and have gone over the machine (even redone the ribbon cable). 
A list of things i have done thus far;
Cleaned Encoder Strip and sensor.
Cleaned and Oiled the Linear Bearing.
Ribbon/Flex Cable.
Let a little tension off the Left side Pulley.
Made sure Nut/Washer securing the pulley cable was tight on Carriage.
Tested to make sure Carriage and Head had next to no resistance.

I am not a full time sign writer so am not made of money, the nearest tech is 2 1/2 hours away and costs $400 just to get him up here without any diagnosis so have resorted to forums to start with. 


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I think we got you worked out on the other website correct? :)

Absolutely thanks Todd! Will remove this thread. Thanks again mate!


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