Do anyone know of any Roland Service Technician in the Caribbean/Puto Rico Area?

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What is your issue, and which machine?

Overspray on the blue in. My tech said I needed to change the cables in the back. But since the hurricane, its have been hard to get a tech to fly into my island from PR. I reach out to Roland for a tech in my area and I was sent back to the same company. His recommendation was to change the cables in the back. changes the: print head cables, dampers, cap, wipe hipe the cables with alcohol everything I was told to do.


You are on an island so I would not suspect it to be a humidity issue. It looks like humidity, though. Is your machine grounded? Your nozzle test looks great, so print a smaller design with blue in it - in unidirection and post that. How old is your captop?

Yep, I was told that also. I then got an electrician to come in and test, the ground was ok. To be safe we also regrounded the building. it is also hooked up to a ups APC SMC1500 Smart-UPS C 1500VA


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