Hi all, not sure if anyone has come across this issue before..... I want to print a number of files one after the other using the FOTOBA Cutline marks with the 'print vertical lines' and Crop Marks' boxes ticked in versaworks. (I need to laminate these prints and contour cut at a later time)

I lace up the media onto the take up roll and set my base point....the first file prints lovely and all's tickety boo...however when the next file starts...its prints the standard reg marks, disabling the take up arm (as it has to travel back again to start) then it moves the media forward to start printing the black alignment bars and consequently the print file....my issue is that when this happens it travels past the auto detect sensor and therefore doesn't register the take up...this then ends up with all the printed media folded on the floor and sticking together (unless I stand over and manually move the take up bar forward)... has anyone had this issue and if so how is this resolved

Many Thanks

Richie.... from down under

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Richie, I trust that you are using the Roland take-up reel. I have not used it personally but have seen it in operation at Roland.s HQ. In attempt to follow your post, I am interpreting that you are trying to print seperate jobs continuously, each having their own set of marks, opposed to all the jobs having one set of marks.

I am not sure which version or revision of the reel you are using, but the reel that plugs into the rear of the VC is designed to allow for the taking up and releasing of media without disabling the device. I know Dana is very familiar with the reel system and monitors this site. I would also recommend you search the roland site for a possible solution. I am sure you are trying to run the jobs to be seperated after all are completed, instead of reloading the machine after each one. I will check also after you confirm that I have your intent correct.

Hi Irving, Yes I have purchased a VS-640 with the Roland take up reel and you are correct I am trying to print separate jobs continuously with each having there own marks. In response to disabling the device...this only happens momentarily when the FOTOBA reg marks (ie the black circle and retangle reg marks) are printed. 

Once all the jobs are printed I laminate them and send them back through the VS for cutting each individual file.

I will also look at other avenues for an answer but in the meantime if you come across any solutions that would be much appreciated

I think I may be missing something here - FOTBA are a totally different set of cut marks than the print cut registration marks you are describing. Are you doing FOTOBA for that specific type of cutter or just the print cut registration marks?

Hi Steve, I have experimented with the cut marks ...the settings in the mark box are now....

Type: No Marks

Crop Marks (Print&CutAlignment) box ticked

This basically prints the reg marks as you suggested but disables the option to print vertical lines. ( I use these to re-align the media with the pinch rollers to get a much accurate alignment when using the FOTOBA option. I was originally instructed to use the FOTOBA option on all print n cut files.

Anyways...... The problem still persists regardless....Arrrrghhhh...

FOTOBA lines are for a specific separate cutter and there is no increase in registration accuracy on the Roland when using them.

I understand that now, thank you... I will get use to aligning the reg marks without  using FOTOBA setting.... however I still get the issue of the take up reel not engaging once it passes the sensor  

I've only seen that when the "TU2" mode is used on the control panel of the VS. Selecting "TU" will tell the take up reel to engage all the time without worrying about slack. Using the Custom Cut function can help with saving space since it sets a page size, that way a margin can be set to space the jobs apart. 

With regard to FOTOBA, those lines can help as a visual aid, but it's overkill. Using one of the other marks option should be sufficient for having a guideline. The marks functions are all generated by the RIP and are not incorporated into the design. Therefore they use extra media beyond what's listed in the job and they operate independently of the RIP/Print process.

Unless I'm mistaken in your explanation, you seem to be setting something to cause the takeup reel to pause, which you don't need to do. There shouldn't be anything that disables the reel, unless you're in TU2 mode.

".its prints the standard reg marks, disabling the take up arm (as it has to travel back again to start) then it moves the media forward to start printing the black alignment bars and consequently the print file.."


Just a thought, but depending on the job sizes of course, wouldn't it be easier to nest the jobs instead of  trying to print several jobs continuosly.

Hi Butch, No Can Do Bud...I send through multiple jobs purely because of the accuracy issues when contour cutting... no point sending through 5 metres of laminated vinyl if the media drifts a 2 -3 mm or so.

I know cut accuracy is a problem on long jobs,  thats why I added depending on job size. If you find a solution let us know.

As Steve stated unless you are using a specific FOTOBA cutter, then those are not the marks to use. As Butch mentioned, here most of us nest our jobs with registration marks, laminate and then run back in the printer. I have witness the Roland Take-up reel do print and cut an engage and disengage as necessary based on the contour cut line. That is one of the main difference between the Roland reel, which plugs into the VC and the S55 reel.

Wouldn't working off VW and setting the artwork and crop marks on Corel then exporting the file as an EPS be a better option? For the Roland Take-Up-Reel I wouldn't know a thing much about... =(


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