I just bought this printer. I had the tech come out and clear the lines.
But we could not get past pinch roll error to do a check to see if the heads were good or not. But it keeps going back and forth from right to left with pinch roll error. I have moved the pinch rollers around.

Before that it was not reading the media it said 0.0.
And it also said "internal error 0000015" before the pinch roll error. But that was like the first time I turned it on. 

Can someone please help?

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Your tech should check the pinch roller sensor and the data cable running from the cut carriage.

He just cleared the lines and soaked the heads. When I turned it on the next day I got pinch rollers. But we did get it when he was here. He said he would help over the phone. I am about to clean the encoder with alcohol and blow around the cut carraige the air.

Hoping this works. How do you check the pinch roll sensor and data cable?  

It is in the cutter assembly and something your tech should be doing. You can check to make sure you did not have a head strike that knocked it off or you have dirt or a piece of vinyl blocking it.

I have it opened. But not sure what to look for. Is it a link or picture to what I am looking for?

I am about to clean the encoder. The previous owner told me to do that. Should I wipe it a certain way?

I appreciate your help.

Cannot teach you tech level repairs. The encoder strip you clean both sides with alcohol only. That does not affect the pinch sensor, but the encoder reader is on top and the pinch sensor is on the bottom.

Thanks. I usually fix my Sublimation printer. cleaned and replaced heads, and a few more things. So I am comfortable going in. But this cost way more lol. So I am being extra careful.  

On the cut assembly bottom rear right, should be able to feel it from the front - access is where the pinch rollers go in - access from the rear

changed the flex cable. It fixed the problem. But I now have to get through the encoder error. Just ordered a new encoder and the encoder module. Hope that fixes my problem.

got error 0107. then 0110

I am slowly becoming more familiar with this printer.

I appreciate your help sir.

Hi Guys, 

This problem is a result of a locked/ frozen pinch sensor! 

Solution : * Power off unit> Take a tiny magnet and place in front of the sensor and reset Frozen sensor > Power up unit > Problem solved.

Just a reminder, that there are possibly several solutions to any one problem and all suggestions are based on the readers interpretation of what and how you presented your issue. The simplest solution sometimes and often is to restart the machine and see if the error is repeated. Some issues are the combination of two errors and the number reported is the combination of the two errors. Some Scan errors are corrected by doing a limitization, since the printer or scan motor lost its way. Some errors will not throw errors but require cleaning the encoder strip.


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