Good evening form far far south africa..

i bought this machine of a friend of mine and it stood for a while.

i then recovered the heads, all print fine except black. and to order an head is abit expensive.

i would appreciate it if any of can may b please give any advice. I did how ever soaked the head for a day more then once, flush it etc. i did replace the damper and manifold.

Do u guys think i need a new head. if so i will sadly have to save for a new one. or is there a place we can get a working 100% refurbish haed.

thanks in advance..


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and this


The nozzle test is the most important

Your nozzle test printed twice overlapping

Not an issue unless I was trying to determine your calibration

You will need a new head

You will always have black and cyan overspray with that head

If you have a new top, 48hr head soak with lines clamped, followed by a few powerful cleans might help

You can run some cleaning solvent through the cyan and black by printing to see if you get movement on the head if not, then again new head

sorry over print was just pulling the vinyl back it does not over print actually. i did how ever put cleaning cartridges in aswell and sadly no luck. any of you that can advice where to buy a new head...please

Welcome on the reply, do not respond to chats

When you ran the cleaning cart - did you print squares until you ran all the ink out of the lines and printed clear blocks for a while 

There are some places that will refurbish a head, but more outside the US than in

Digijet and Sign-in-china are two companies that sell heads to anyone

Roland Cert heads comes with a Tech, dealers will not sell them to customers

hi no, i just put the cartridge in and then pulled it with a syringe. Will go and put cartridge back and od it as you prescribed... will me help me how to do it. Sorry i am new in the signage biz...

NOt to worry, we all started somewhere

You can do powerful cleans, but that waste all the other colors.

So when I am draining one line or trying to clear nozzles. I do 100% of the color desired in a block and repeat print that until it comes out clear. You can use the roland spot colors but you want 100% so the color in Roland for that is BK21A - insure to use preserve primary colors in color management and under the file tab in VW - insure you have convert spot color checked.


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