I have run into a serious issue in my sp540v and don't know how to get it fixed or what need to be fixed. Please I really appreciate anyone's comment/advise to find a way to get the printer working. Printer has been working really good for many years until last week when I switched it on and did a test print to see the following test print.. 

The Yellow and Blue test prints are ok but the Black and Magenta is messed up. I did a 4 colour bar print from versaworks and that looked like below
So it definitely there is a problem in Black and Magenta print. The annoying thing is the issue is not from a single printhead but from both heads and Black print from first head 1st channel and Magenta print from second head 1st channel so the issue is a combination of both heads. What I have done so far,

1. I swapped the data cables from Carriage Board to Printheads but still the same

2. Put in new data cables from Carriage Board to Printheads but still the same

3. Reading forum comments here I did a check on the 8 transistors and they all show 43 on the two end legs of each transistor. I assuming they are not blown?

4. Both F2 and F3 printhead fuse are ok not blown

Please I really like ssomeone's advice here where to go from here..Thank you in advance!

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Kris this is the best way to reach me. I do not answer chats, PMs or friend requests.

Your issue I have never seen - and you are seeking assistance on one of the 1st printers Roland manufacture. My ability to research it with Roland are limited. Pictures and write up is excellent. So see if you have answers for the following:

- Did this just start one day or after doing something to the machine

- What is the temperature in your part of the world

- What is the humidity in your printing area

I do wish the problem was in one head, but not bad in two for the issue is above the heads - now to determine which board

Thank you Irving for your reply. I too have never read an issue like this in all the forums and Google searches I have done, its either one head or both heads but not just one channel from each head like my issue :( I really hope someone will give me some guidance

- I switched the machine on to do some work. Didn't do anything to the machine like maintenance or touching any parts or anything else.
- Its summer here so temperature is about 22c
- Humidity I would say yes to a bit but not too much

I would check the print carriage board if you don't believe it is the main. The board is the least expensive of all the boards. Easy to replace and is the last connection between the other boards and heads. In my past experiences if one the main board transistors are bad, they or it will be hot to touch.

Thanks Butch - hope all is well - nice to see you and your legacy experince - Happy New Years

Thanks, and Happy New Year to you as well.

Thank you Butch for your response. The printhead carriage board I took it off to have a closer inspection and it looks pretty clean, neat and tidy, no color changes on the board or components. I was trying to upload a picture of it to my forum post but can't find a way to do it. I will certainly try to order a new carriage board and see if that fixes the issue

The 8 transistors, I will check to see if they are hot to touch. Can they all show the same number 43 when testing with a multimeter on the two end legs of each transistor? Am I testing them in the correct way or can you please guide me if Im doing something wrong in testing the transistor and what number to expect if they are good or faulty?

Thank you in advance!

If the transistor is bad, it will normally show 0 across the legs and be warm to the touch. Another thing that you can check is the data cable from the mainboard to the carriage board. This cable was prone to splitting between the wires and having worn spots exposing the wires. This is caused by the cable slapping and rubbing against the chassis. In turn this will cause electrical interference throwing off the signal to the printheads and the roller sensors at times.


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