Does anyone know the type of linear bearings for the print cartridge or where I can buy them? I have had one completely fail and I want to replace the pair as the other one is making noises. I have talked to THK bearings and they will not sell them to me directly. I have replaced a scan motor under recommendation of All Graphic Supplies on my serviced leased Roland printer. Unfortunately my warranty on my Roland has expired and I do not want to pay the 2200.00 + tax or so that they intend to charge me for a barely serviced before leased Roland. I have not yet tried to contact Roland directly for the bearings but I will try. 

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Not much help unfortunately. I was able to solve it myself though, so to help anyone out that has the same issue. I was able to order the THK SSR-15WX from China. I was able to get them for about 89.00 cad each. I ordered three to replace all since I had the machine apart. One of the bearings I received was defective. I used one of my old bearings until I could get a replacement. It was not that hard of a job to change them. You do not need to remove the rail so you do not have to worry about alignment. Just take the top and left side parts off the machine so you can get access. There is a stop on the left side of the rail to remove. Once you remove the cut and print carriage from the linear bearings, the bearings just slide to the left and off the rail. Then you just slide on the new bearings and mount the cut and print carriage back. After you put the rest back together be sure to set your upper and lower limits up again so everything is in alignment. Hope this helps if anyone has the same issue.

I'm having issues with by tool carriage making noise does this have a bearing or just slides?

Been awhile, but the tool carriage does run on a linear bearing. It is also where the cable attaches. Noise could be caused by either. If you mark the spot where the cable attaches you could disconnect that and slide the tool freely by itself. If it is noisy / not free and easy to move then it is probably the cable. If it is fine then I would test the print carriage, then cable system that moves it all.

Have you had good luck with the bearings you changed a few years back?  I have been limping my Versacamm along with lubricating but not anymore.  Hoping a bearing change would do it versus the Roland option.


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