I have a problem with my Roland SP300 (old version)

Its dripping yellow and red ink from the head. The only way to stop the dripping is to take out the colors.

When i was cleaning the cap station and everything around the head was on the left side and i could see how it dripped alot of ink. The head is not that old. 

Does anyone know what this can be or should i just sell the machine as sparepart machine?

I have bought a new machine and my plan was to have this as a backup but now i dont know if its worth saving. 

best regards tomislav

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I believe something is loose or broken around the head assembly allowing ink to be siphoned from the carts. Check connections at head manifold, damper connection. That is if it occurs all the time not just when machine is running. If only when machine is running captop is not draining correctly allowing pooling then dropping ink from the head as it moves from the cap station. Pictures would help if you have them.

Hi Butch
Here is a picture of the head.
the problems started after i cleaned it with a syringe. After that it started to leak. maybe i was pressing the cleaning liquid to hard thru the head?
today i took apart the head and put it in cleaning liquid. Tomorrow i will clean it up and put it back together.
Any tips?

Best regards tomislav

The ink system operates at very low pressure. Most images do not show the damper

in a way for one to see how fragile they are.

The ink basically flows in one direction and the ink is drawn when the captop and pump is working together. 

Chances are the bladder is damaged. 


If you are deep cleaning the head (removing and soaking) make sure all of the cleaning solvent has been removed from the board by cleaning with alcohol and then drying completely. If any moisture or solvent is left on the board it will fry when you plug it back in.


We took it apart cleaned everything and put it back. the leaking have stopped now, but the printer head dosnt work as it should, the head has probably got fryed :(

i will probably need to change the head or sell it as sparepart

thanks for all your help.

best regards tomislav

I knew I should have posted this.

You have to make sure that everything dry like Butch iterated. The traces on the circuit boards are so close that even mist droplets can short it out. 

Beware of the alcohol (70% -91%) a it is mixed with water. The water left behind can short the

board also.

Put the head in a sealed container with rice. The rice will absorb the moisture even though it will take a while it give you a better chance of removing the potential of moisture shorts. 



   I  think Butch's idea that it could be a captop not draining correctly is right on as well.  I had pooling on my magenta head on my XC and that was solved with a new captop.

  also,  Just a thought,  Is the printer level.  The ink is gravity feed.  I had a problem with my SP... It would start banding as if it was running low on ink,  my tech had me check the machine to see if it was off  level it had been moved and was off,  simply leveling it cured the problem almost instantly.  

The unit was sitting low on the cartridge side so it was not flowing good.   He told me that he has seen units sitting low on the print head side drain all the ink through the heads into the waste tank over a weekend.

So I am thinking that if your printer is off level to the print head side it could be putting to much flow or weight on the heads and pushing the ink through them.

Worth a check if it can be that simple before you scrap a printer.

Good luck.


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