Hi, my device does not do any cutting commands, also the sheet cut button does not work! Only the cut test button works. What do you think is the problem?

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Sheet Cut is there a blade 

May need linearization

Are you using the correct cut contour

Test cut is ok

Everything looks good! I'm sending commands from Windows as before, the problem that bothers me a lot is that the sheet cut button doesn't work at all, which has nothing to do with the computer. Is there an option to choose the cut in the device settings?


Not Have Solution?

It is hard to understand what you are not understanding?

1st - is there a blade in the correct position to do the cut

2nd - Is the cut rail properly installed

to trigger the blade

3rd - if above is in place then the issue is in the cut assembly

4th - you can do a sheet cut in VersaWorks

Contour Cutting

Do you see the special symbol in VW

Which vector based program are you using to produce your cutline

Is the cutline not cutting but printing

What is the cutline named

the above will help eliminate possible causes

Do you see the marching ants


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