Hi friends,

I need your help. I'm having a hard time trying to do a perfcut with my Roland. I already try everything. 

  1. the cutting strip is new
  2. the blade holder is new
  3. I'm using a new 60 deg blade since I'm trying to perfcut a laminated material. 
  4. I even increase the force to 300 and still no doing it.

A technician suggest to replace the carriage cables and they are on the way to see if that could be the problem. The funny part is if I try to cut just the vinyl works perfect but no the backing material to the precut process. what else could be? Please help.

Thank you!


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If the cuts are normal on the regular, then it is your settings.

Post your VW cut tab screen with your perfcut settings

Search this site for the perfcut test file - should be a few post with the file in the answer

Reach me here not in PMs or Chats.

Will see if we can get it sorted out after I see the settings

Usually the perfcut settings are 100gf more than the regular settings

Thank you Irving. I'll do that tonight!

Here is the screen shoot of the cut control settings tab. I Manage the regular cut setting from the machine. 

I am following because I am having the same issue. I checked my blade and the tip was broken. I changed it and am still having the same problem.

I thought it was the blade being broken, but I think it is the type of media.

I recently changed media and didn't change the settings, which more than likely needed to be done.

I think once you get a media you like, find the settings that work. I am still trying to do just that and having problems.

I also have problems cutting htv. I will do a print and cut and it cuts and weeds perfect, but when I put in regular htv to just cut, the blade skips in spots and weeds horribly. Both htv by Stahls. I am thinking I need different settings for fashion film vs express print.

I watch all of Steven Jackson's videos and are a tremendous help, thank you!

The only thing done different is the the first number is changed to 1, and I couple my perf cut with a contour cut. Does not matter which is on top because the contour will cut first. Whatever your regular vinyl is with out the lam, add 100 and start your testing from there. Remember to allow extra in the back to cover the sensor. I use that area to test the blade depth or the front between the cropmarks. 

As to htv

Most folks have the blade force to high so the tip bites into the cutting strip and skips. Start with a light force - like 30 and work up from there.

On bad cuts - look at blades under a magnifier - the tips go easy 

In General - when you couple the perf with a contour - it smooths out the pop out.

Hi Irving,

when you say  "when you couple the perf with a contour- it smooths out the pop out" does that mean i should place the contour cut directly on top of the perfcut lines? hopefully im making sense? Thank you for your time.

Yes the contour goes directly on top - 

Does not matter the order, because VW will do the contour cut first.

Well all technicians are not created equal. 

So what is the name of your perfcut?

Is your blade doing a contour cut, if so, then what force is needed to cut through the backing?

Usually what ever the force is to do the contour, then add 100 to begin the testing

If it cuts contour, then you do not need a cable you need the correct name.


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