just changed my Print heads. Did it all myself(pat myself on the back). Good test print.

Never used this printer. I am trying to connect to my computer.
I have a old dell running widows XP. 

I have Versaworks & Flexi Sign pro.
It was used by the previous owner. He said it worked fine for him.

I cannot find the IP on the printer. And its not connecting automatically. I played with the submask etc. But I am very confused because I am a Mac user. PC is so foreign.

Can anyone give me some advice. All this work to not being able to connect to the computer is a bummer. 

I need help.

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Go on the Roland Site and download the video and the program for the network connection tool!

Thank you. I will do that now.

I will be around for a minute so get back if you have issues.

I need Roland-PrintServer-NetTool

Just found it on my computer that I got from the person I bought it from. But still having issues.

IP wizard is not launching.

Not sure. But on the video, he has a option that I dont have on my SP 540 V to see the IP. And the software is unavailable on roland.

Should I be connected to the internet while doing this?


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