Hi All,

I have a Roland SP-540V, since very long time struggling with the print quality and I have issues such as, visible strikes in the print, off printing, Magenta color tint and I have tried many things that came up in my mind like:

1. Changed the captops

2. changed the dumpers

3. cleaned the Linear strip

4. soaked the heads

5. tried different media profiles

nothing changed and still same issues.

To make this clear and easy, I have attached the printing, nozzle test and Bi-Direction tests attached.

Please need Help






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You keep posting like the answer is going to change - it will not

The heads are not dialed in PERIOD

Nozzle test - you have bad heads - missing nozzles giving you banding - deflections giving you overprints - crooked columns giving you the misalignments

You want to fix your problem do the following adjustments - if you do not know them - then call a tech



bi-direction default

those will correct your problem.

Hi Irving,

Please accept my apology for the old posts but the only reason I didn't get back to you was because that was a different printer and as well as I got too many other issues but anyways sorry for that.

Yes I kinda familiar with those but not much and I will try to go through them from service mode and will keep you updated by posting the test print results.

Really appreciate your support and help thanks very much.

Hi Irving,

I went through what you advised and it better then previous but the only thing I couldn't fix was the Bias Horizontal and I followed the instructions as per SP-540V manual to loosen the 3 screw and adjust for horizontal alignment but it didn't work.

Attached are the samples recently I worked on.




Bi-Direction Default





This forum is not designed by agreement to give you Tech Level Training. Your horizontal test is off, your bias and vertical is off - however the heads need to be replaced. YOu will not get a good test or correction with a black head, which is important for doing the adjustments. The reason you see your red halo, look at your horizontal test.

Ok Irving thanks for the instructions, I'll try my best to adjust the vertical but I think the horizontal was really hard to adjust I think Chris is right that it might be stuck and I'll try to fix that too. You mentioned that I have to change the heads? Did you mean both heads? are they that bad?


If you find them diffiult to adjust you may find they are stuck to the carrier plate with old dried ink.

Yes Chris you are right about that Horizontal Bias test print they are off and I tried to fix but it was really hard to adjust and I couldn't because the screw wasn't working even I followed the manual but let me try maybe they are stuck with dried ink as you said.



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