Hi, We've just bought a second hand SP-540i. This was fully working, however I did a factory reset to ensure the settings were as default. Since doing so print jobs are printing fine, but are now not cutting. The job is setup fine to print and cut in Versaworks. Any ideas? Could it be a setting in the control panels menu? Thanks

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Further to my previous post this appears to only be a problem with print jobs with variable data. The job I'd tried had serial numbers assigned in variable data. Jobs with no serial numbers print fine. Surely the SP-540i supports variable data?

can you post the eps file you are sending to versaworks? 

Philip there is no way to help you without you providing more or a file to inspect. Your last replies is so important because you would have folks thinking one thing when it is a VD issue. Setting your machine to default and it is not cutting is a file issue. Default and cutting are not related. When you say VD is not cutting it is as simple as being a none rectangle cut line. VD will only cut straight.

beat ya to it Irv!

Happy T-Day tomorrow :)

Thanks both, we also have a BN-20 and the file cuts fine from that so I'd expect it to with the SP-540i too. I'm using Versaworks Dual. I've attached the file - it has 4 boxes for identical variable data which all populate and print fine on both machines, it just won't cut on the SP-540i.


are you running VW as an administrator?

We have found that some files do not come into VW correctly unless it is run as an administrator. 

Yes my windows profile is administrator.

on the icon for starting versaworks - right click. choose run as administrator.

If the icon is on the desktop - right click and choose properties.

choose compatibility tab - check run as administrator. 

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks Steven, I've done this and setup the job to print again. I've not set anything different to before however it's printed with serial numbers and cut fine! Only issue is I can't see our network in administrator mode. But it worked which is the main thing so thanks! Can settings be changed here to work in normal mode so I can see the network still?

Philip I will defer to Steve, since anything I tell you would have come from him any way - LOL! With that said - I do see the rounded corners. I understand it works with the BN - but that is not the same as the SP and is closer to a VS. You might have to have 2 files one to drop in the VD return to origin and then to do the outer cut.

irv - the corners can be rounded on the cutline. His VDP data is square and coming through in VW

Got it


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