I need help in determining my next move. I was printing samples with black type that looked like it was too thick as the type was 5 and 6 point so it wasn't very readable. Upon looking with magnification I noticed that appeared the type had static with black spraying out with a static pattern so that made the letters look unclear only on the black. I printed a Test Print and noticed that the print was all there but had lots of deflections. I did some cleanings; machine and manual; and it was not much better. I did a head soak for 1 hour and the deflections were gone but now I have missing nozzles in some spots. It prints really well but I am concerned about the missing nozzles in the black.

I did 2 additional head soaks; one for 3 hours and 1 for 4 hours; and some normal and medium cleanings. I changed the cap top on the black; even though it looked fine. It pulls ink with no issue with a syringe below the captops (tube). I printed several images trying to get the nozzles to come through and there is no change. All 4 ink cartridges are new. Dampers are full.

The wipers have not been changed for over 1 year so I took them out and soaked them and put them back in; exchanging the position to see if it was the wiper on the black head. I ordered new ones and they will be here tomorrow. 

I used a flashlight and looked at the heads and they appeared fine; no nicks or scratches.

Heads were replaced in 2017.

I saw some posts on the encoder sensor maybe being full of dust. I would think if that was the case that the other colors would be affected as well and they are not. I am not sure how to get to that sensor either as it is behind the carriage; correct? The red light I believe is where the sensor is.

I attached the pic when the static showed: Deflections no missing nozzles

And a pic after the head soak: No deflections; now missing nozzles

Is there something else I should be trying or should I leave it alone. 

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Looking at the first pix, I would say you need a head and the soak will not help. So much for that. Head soaks in my opinion are a weekend task and 48hrs. What you are seeing is what happen when the ink you loosen up moves and blocks nozzles. A longer soak and a powerful clean should help you more. The only other issue I see is your calibration is off. Fix that and you will get closer to better prints. As for Black, Use RGB or roland library 21A for not a thick black.

Thank you for the info. Just to clarify a 48 hour soak is ok. I was worried 4 hours was long. Never did one before,

I will check the calibration, do a head soak and change my black. 

You do not need to change the black immediately as long as you cleared those deflections. If you are doing a print with a lot of black usage, you may need to do high quality to do more passes and reduce the effects of the missing nozzles. 48 hours is good, just may need to clamp the lines, and remember to unclamp. 


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