We just acquired a Roland Pro II Soljet SC-540. We're having some issues connecting it to our network. The ethernet cable is connected to the machine from our router.

When we go into Menu -> we only see System Report. We don't see a System Info selection. I'm not sure how to go about setting the IP address for the machine or how to see if the IP is automatically assigned.

I downloaded "Intercon nettool" and ran it. It is showing an IP Address which I think is for the old owner's network. On Intercon Nettool, under Protocol, it says IP no reply.

In command prompt, I did ipconfig and found that my IP addresses should be 192.168.2.xxx. However, in Nettool it shows as which is for the old owner who had the machine before me (I think).

Does anyone know where the IP settings are on this machine?

Thank you in advance for the help!

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IP address is located in the Menu. System Info, IP address. The numbers must match on both the machine,  PC and 

rip software.

Thanks. The issue is that System Info is not a valid option under the menu. We have the following options under Menu:

Edge Detection

Head Height

Adjust BI-DIR

Print-Cut Adj


Ink Control

Full Width S

Scan Interval

Vacuum Control


Periodic Cl.

Factory Default

System Report

Env. Match


Cutting Prior

Replace Knife

Ink Remaining

Head Cleaning

I can't seem to figure out where would I need to go to set or see the IP address?


download print server nettool  1.8 from the Roland site I misread before I thought you had a PRO III


 I set the IP for through Nettool. However, in Versaworks 6 - it is not detecting the machine with that IP address. It says there could be a compatibility issue.

Does anyone know if Versaworks 6 is compatible with the Roland Soljet Pro II (EX Model) Print & Cut SC-540?

Thank you!

i have a sc540 pro11 and as i understand it, it is not compatible with vw in any way.

the sc545 ex apparently was compatible with vw.. i was told that if the no1 (left as you look at it) head was black then not compatible with vw.

colourrip 2.2 was the last offering from roland which should be on a xp machine but we are running it on a win 7 pro with out problems.

just seen in the update site there was a sc540ex (didn't know of that) with vw listed but not in the v6 list, it certainly was a gray area when they drooped colourrip..

Thanks, so after some digging I've found out that the SC-540 EX is not compatible with Versaworks in anyway. It looks like I will need ColorRip 2.2 (which apparently only works on XP, but some have managed to make it work on Windows 7).

We've been searching online for ColorRip 2.2, but not able to find anything at all. The closest thing we found is a file from Roland which will allow us to upgrade to 2.2 (but we need to have the previous version installed).

Does anyone have ColorRip 2.2 or know where we can get it? At this point, our machine is sitting here unused, we desperately need a RIP software to begin printing. :(

Thanks for everyone's help!

in a panic i needed to load colourrip and could not find the original disk but this loaded and worked at the time

profiles are a bit awkward but are available earlier wasatch profiles also work, see how you get on 


Are you picking the correct printer in the printer setup part of VW


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