Hello everyone.  This is my first post here but I've found many solutions to my problems on this forum in the past.  I've hit a dead end on my current issue though. I'll try to summarize my problem as best I can.

Roland SP-300v, current version of Versaworks.  Artwork done in Illustrator CS6, saving the files as either .eps and .pdf.

Situation 1: I have some artwork that simply put looks like this... A black background with several gray circles for a pattern.  The top layer is multiple coffee mugs with colorful designs.  

These gray circles for some reason started printing with a magenta hue, it looked terrible.  The issue came and went unexpectedly while using the same exact file and settings every time. Eventually it never printed correctly and only with this magenta color.  All the other colors/objects in the artwork were fine throughout.  I changed the ink more than once to rule that out. Also the Roland tech looked it over and says everything looks good. It was suggested that I use Rolands spot color pallet.  This almost worked.  With a new color selected the gray circles were now printing consistently and correctly. However, the transparent "bounding boxes?" surrounding the coffee mugs now showed up and printed as a pink color.  I tried many different save settings, transparency flattening, rasterizing, etc.. with no results.  The only fix was to change the Color Management setting in Versaworks to "Density Control Only".  This removed my transparency problem but made every other color on the artwork very bright/over saturated.   I eventually gave up on this. 

Situation 2:  I'm back to the original file that prints with the magenta hue rather than gray.  I just want it to print the way its seen in Illustrator. I'm convinced that some combination of save settings/color conversion/or versaworks settings will get it to print right.  But no results yet.

Feel free to weigh in on either situation :)

I appreciate you taking the time to read all this and look forward to any suggestions!

Thank you!


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Not sure which palette you are using - I use RGB or Roland Library. Use those - do not convert spot colors on exit. Set up VW to convert spot colors. Bring in the file - I prefer eps - the queue should already had been set to convert. In your color mgmt - use prepress us if it is a raster file and use max impact for vector files and then print. If that does not work let me know or post a picture of what you are getting.

You can try to convert to bitmap or JPEG and use PERCEPTUAL in color management. This helps sometimes.

Hi James!

I would like to ask if you did resolve this problem, because I'm having the same issue right now but with a Roland VP-540 and artworks made it with Illustrator CC. I tried using .eps, .pdf, .tif, .jpg and with US, Japan and Europe Coated CMYK color profiles, rasterizing, flattening transparences too, nothing works. The main problem is with a very soft green transparency that come like a gray in each case. All the kinds of greens used take a "gray" tone. If I print with another printers the problem doesn't exist.

Yesterday I found that Roland has a driver now to print directly from the differents programs (so, without any process by VersaWorks, the "talk" is directly between the program and the print) but I didn't try this option yet. I don't have really the printer here with me but I need to go to the print house, so I would like to go with the problem almost solve if possible.

By another side, I can't back with the artworks changing the differents colors to Roland color pallet because I have more than 100 artworks with the same settings, print is the last step of the work, I'd never have a problem like this!

I'll appreciate so much if you did resolve the problem some suggestions to try, thanks in advance.

I wish you the best day of your life! :)

This is what worked for me. 




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