All of my prints are too short long ways.  If I tell Roland to print 96"x48" it will print 95"x48"  If I print 48"x48" it prints 47.5"x48"  I cant' figure out why its not printing the right size.  Roland shows the print size is right and it set to print at 100%.  Sometimes its more off or less of but for the most part its usually about an 1" short. Very fustrating.  Any ideas what it could be?!"

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Machine is ?

Did you do all the correct calibrations 

What is the file type

Are you bringing it in in the actual size or are you resizing in VW

Did you add an eps margin

Versacamm VP540I

Yes I did a bi-directional calibration and a regular calibration.

we are using flexi to export our files into versaworks it exports it as a .eps

we are exporting it in the actual size.

No eps margin.  We've never used that and we've not had a problem with it until about a month ago it just starting messing up on sizes.

Do not use flexi, and I only hear of the flexi issues and have no solutions. If you do not get cutlines on border items that is due to no eps margins. If you got b4, and not now, then you have to work through what changed!


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