Roland is displaying my skis at the ISA Sign Expo in Orlando next week

I just thought I’d drop a note to you all to let you know that Roland has asked if they can exhibit my skis at the ISA Sign Expo!  If any of you are going to be there (March 21-24th), be sure to stop by the Roland booth and take a look at them.  You guys can brag on them if you’d like <grin>. 

They asked us if we could loan the entire set to them for their gallery exhibit at Roland headquarters in California, but since we actually ski on these things, I’m not sure we’d like to part with them for the length of time they’d like to exhibit them. 

They’re also trying to find a spot in their booth to feature another thing that I print for.  One of my customers makes replica NASA rockets, and we print the incredibly detailed wraps for their rocket kits.  They’re trying to find a spot to exhibit one of the Delta IV rockets in their booth.  So, if you see that there, you can ooh and aaah over it too, LOL. 

I’m just really tickled that they asked if they could exhibit them there.  I’m really honored!!  Thanks to all you guys again for voting for me.  I didn’t win the trip to Japan, but they said I was really one of their favorites, so that’s a good thing.  Maybe next year….  I’ll have to start thinking creatively.  Hmmmmmm, how to combine the printer with the embroidery machine…..  LOL

I’ll be at the show one of those days, so look for me and say HI!!  I’d love to meet some of you. 

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I'm pretty proud that one of our members got selected and won one of the competitions! Kudos again to you for a great idea, design and finished product! Make sure to get your picture with Dana or Tiffany at the booth with your skis and post it up for us :-)

Dana will not be there unfortunately :(

My wife is expecting and we're in that zone where the baby could show up at any minute so I stayed home.

I would recommend that you try to find Julie or Tiffany though, they will be there!


Congratulations Carolyn. I think you'll be pretty impressed with what our events team has lined up. We always go big at ISA and I believe your submission is one of the centerpieces for the booth theme.


Thanks, Steve and Dana.  It's pretty nice that one of the MyVersaCamm members got selected and won too.  Even nicer that it was me!  LOL!! 

Mike just picked up the skis yesterday, as well as a display of a model rocket that I print the wraps for for one of my customers.  The display is a replica of a Delta IV rocket, right down to the tiny labels on the explosive hatches, and number of bolts on the hatches.  Take a look for it, if you're headed to the show.  I'll see if I can snag a picture of it to post on the MyVersacamm site.  We're headed out to the ISA show at least one of the days, so hopefully I'll remember to snag a picture of me in the booth with the Roland Team.  I'm looking forward to seeing how they've used my skis in their booth display. 

Congratulations, Dana!!  Be sure to let us know the details once your arrival has arrived!  That's the best reason to miss a show.  We're sending our wishes for an easy and quick delivery, and for a healthy baby.  Good luck with the delivery!

Max Curtis, born April 14th. 6 pounds 5oz. Mommy and baby are doing just fine. Now I'm adjusting to living without sleep. Wish me luck...

Congratulations, It's all downhill from here!! I have two daughters and two grand-daughters, don't forget to sit back and take it all in, life goes by so quickly, Best of luck to you and your family. 

Congratulations, Dana!!!   You'll never know sleep for the next few months.  LOL  I'm glad to hear Mommy and Max are doing well. 

Congratulations! Mine little girl is headed to Clemson this fall for pre med - they grow up far too quickly.....


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