Has anyone had success with the Roland Heatsoft product (ESM-HTM2)?  We bought a roll and have tried to get it to work but after the first wash, the product splits from its adhesive back and the vinyl peels right off the garment.


It would be great if there were some success stories.  I find it to be very much like Solutions Opaque without the shrinking/wrinkling problems we had with that product and I'd like to add it to our product line.

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With regards to your first statement about product failure you might want to talk to your supplier I purchased a roll of media that I watched him print weed and apply it was nice stuff. Took my roll home and couldn't get it to cut no matter what I tried. I brought it back to him and to his surprise it wouldn't cut for him It was just a bad roll.


I have used 3 rolls of it and not had anything come back. I had one customer who took a shirt and wore it and washed it everyday for 14 days and didn't heed the instructions just washed and dried normally after about 12 days it started to fail. That would represent 3 months of normal wear and if he washed per instructions it would be substantially longer.

Here's what I've found

Print, don't weed till your ready to apply small designs will curl especially reds and blacks.

cut pressure 30 on sp540v

Let print cure before applying the longer the better. I shoot for print today apply tomorrow.

preheat, press at 325 firm pressure, 15 secs, peel warm

After I do a dozen shirts I will go back and press them all for another 5 secs (don't know if this helps but makes me happy)




Your response indicates that it might just be I got a bad roll.  We've pressed at 285 - 365 all with firm pressure to heavy pressure and every time the garment goes through the wash, the vinyl splits from the adhesive.  We've printed 2 runs of test graphics and both have sat for at least 24 hours before masking and pressing; some have sat up to a week since we were testing in between jobs.


I did notice that without the 5-10 second wait after pressing, the product does not adhere to the garment at all. 
Just shows I'm spoiled by Quickprint and Ecofilm since I peel those hot.


If HeatSoft can pass a wash test, we've pretty much decided it will replace Quickprint for us.  Hand, weeding and visual appeal are all in its favor but all the pros are worthless if the con is that we can't get it to stick to garments reliably.


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