Good day. Please need advise urgently. My Roalnd versacamm VS540 keeps cutting out. For example, I print 200 little stickers, laminate them, and put them back to cut. The machine picks up crop marks and starts cutting. The first few lines it cuts right but the further down it goes, it cust out until finally at the end it is totally cutting into my print job area. We have made sure our blade is right, wheels are clean.. We have done a cut alignment test and done setting and it is still cutting out. Any advise please.

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Yep you are trying to print too much at one time - good for only 8 linear ft of accuracy

Set page length which will print and then cut after every few rows until job is complete

It is called Print and Cut accuracy

Thank you so much. So this is a common problem and not just my machine that has a fault? Sticker are very small 60 x 15mm. Total 200 stickers is about 600 x 420mm

Within that area should be fine

Things to consider 

Stretch while laminating 

Dull blade causing bunching of the media then goes out of alignment.

Extra pinch rollers on 600 material you can get a 3rd one in.

Think I noticed just the feed out so rollers and stretch possile 

The Roland system I have found over the years to be accuate and stable watch what happens to give you a clue to where it' going wrong.

No need ever to disagree with anyone - no need to make assumptions especially since you did not post in which direction the labels were printed. It is a know issue and most confuse 8 linear feet with length and not the distance in blade travel, which by the way accumulates quick in small jobs. Check any Roland site and check for their discussion on Print and Cut Accuracy or check on this site for I have described the how before. Roland even has a video on this know issue. If a stretch was an issue then there will be a lot more problems with many more folks than this. With all of that above said, Forgive me for not noticing the laminate part - for one of the larger issues that folks do is to forget to do their CropCut alignment. They do the Print/Cut and not the CropCut which is the cutting that controls the cutting when the optical eye is used. Did you do that one, if not - that is your main issue. The value in the other accuracy cutting is that if the job goes sideways (mess up) then the part already done is good and you have the remainder and not the whole job to do over.


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