Firstly, does anyone know what Roland cleaning fluid is made from. Becuase at 20.00 for 250ml it seems very expensive

Also is there any fluid that I can try to flush my versacamm. Can i buy flush cartridges? or fluid and if so how would I flush the heads


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it is s little expensive but you will have better results with the Roland brand. Some of the aftermarket flush can do more damage than good. Some are to aggressive and can damage components, some are too weak and do very little cleaning.

Thanks for the reply, is there such a thing as cleaning cartridges, or is it just a case of clamping the tubes under the caps tops and filling with cleaning solution and parking the heads on them

PS, I found a maintenance kit for my versacamm from digiprint supplies, gloves, lint free cloths, wipers swabs and 200ml original Roland cleaning fluid for £12.00

Not to bad

As Butch (many years with the CAMMs) has stated you will not do better. The price is well worth the money and get it directly from Roland to ensure the correct pricing - or at least accurate pricing. Roland also sells cleaning cartridges for your machine. The liquid inside is the same as the one in the bottles. In service mode there is a head wash function. In the user mode you will have to replace all cartridges and run a file that contain your colors. The cartridges can run in any chamber so you can do by color, however the head wash will require one cartridge per color to run.

I have used Digiprint items and a number of users on this site have used their kit.

The clamping method you have described are for head soaks. 

A proper head soak is about 48hrs on a new top. Many won't due to the cost of the top, but if you get some off market ones and using it for a soak - they are perfect. Reason for the new is that when you pour fluid in an old one - it is being diluted and you are not getting the full strength of the fluid. 

Nazdar sells a cleaning fluid - do not remember if it cheaper, but it is more aggressive and should be used with caution. 

My line is use OEM on ink and cleaning solutions and get years of great service with your machine if cleaned frequently.


So in user made, rather than service mode I would only have to have one cleaning cartridge? and could run a file for each CMYK? Is this to remove the ink in the lines? then what? Keep printing the colour even though noting is being printed? And for how long?

Cheers buddy

Your determination on for how long.

The ink is solvent but diluted and can remove blockage over time

The cleaning cartridge is 100% cleaning so stronger to dissolve blockage faster and cheaper than ink

By doing one color at a time you are saving waste of the other colors

Service mode head wash is quicker and all at once

None ensure success, however both cheaper than replacing a head.

Sorry old thread

So I would need 4 cleaning cartridges in service mode and only one in user mode. If I do the clean in user mode on one color then do i just keep printing the color until the cleaning cartridge is empty??

Is there a specific file I should run or should i run a specific RVW color swatch for each color I need cleaned? If cleaning in user mode?

My blue and black print tests have some blocked nozzles or damaged capping stations.

So where can I buy the cleaning cartridges in the UK?

How do I get to service mode if needed|? I have asked this before and achived it but cant find the thread


PS any service engineers in Somerset, Devon, Dorset UK?


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