We are having problems with dropouts and have been unable to contact Roland tech support.  One channel of black and one channel of cyan will drop out entirely.  We can bring them back with a series of cleanings, but after printing a foot or two they will drop out again.  It does not seem like the problem is the head clogging due to drying out but maybe due to not getting enough ink through the lines.  We have a white ink model with a cleaning cartridge in the white slot.  We have recently replaced the captop assembly, and the felt wiper and rubber scraper.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Ross when you do pictures - please do one test at a time. 

No need to do the series of what is going on - the most serious is the correct one to send.

OK seems to be air getting in and the vacuum is lost so ink recedes into the line.

Things to check - OEM captop or third party

The lines from the captop - did you check for blockage - also check the T connectors


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