Aaaand, here is my first issue with BN-20.

Was printing white without problems, running low on color. Ordered a new white cartridge and replaced it about a month ago. Just to make sure that everything is fine, I have printed a few more white stickers with the new cartridge, everything looked great. In the meantime, I didn´t need white prints, so I was printing CMYK for few weeks only.

Today I need to print white, but there is no color on the media. Did nozzle check print - no white there. Did powerful cleaning, printed plain white print - no white there. There is no trace of white color on the media. Not a single white drop.

Of course, I´m shaking the white cartridge every day. Manual cleaning of the machine every week.

Any suggestions?

It´s Friday. Service may have time later next week. What to do in the meantime? Should I replace white with a cleaning cartridge? (blue stripes).

Is there any way to find out what´s the problem? Would a clogged head still show -some- white lines? Or is it possible that´s it´s clogged completely?

Any help much appreciated. Thanks!

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When not using white it is always good to replace it with a cleaning cartridge. However, the machine should have been coming on and cleaning itself. It could be completely clogged, and no way to tell, but if nothing in a nozzle test, then yes. How old is the captop? If using special colors, then they should be changed every 6 months, so I would start there. You might not be getting enough pull. Also look at the lines under the top and doing a cleaning see if you are getting pull from both lines. You can print white blocks to save the other colors, ensure you have the white set correctly and see the special symbol on the VW flash page.

Thank you for your answer Irving.

I have just talked with the service, and they suspect it´s either the dumper or the capping station. Unfortunately, they will not have time to come until next Thursday, so I guess I have to wait.

Question about the white/cleaning cartridge. Is it OK to just remove the white, put in the cleaning, and vice versa? I mean, would it be OK to just remove the white and put it on the shelf? Should I somehow seal it?

Also if the dumper/caping station is not working properly, does it mean it would damage the head? Or would the cleaning still be performed?

Thanks again!

If you are lucking the clog is in the damper. However, it just maybe the top went bad. I have seen where it has solidified in the nozzles and when the damper was removed, the ink in the nozzle area had turned to chalk. Yes replace the cartridge with the cleaner. That is ok and ensure you leave the machine plugged in so it can self clean. Roland had made a change years ago to swap out the white with a cleaner if the white was not going to be used for a while (also saves money). - just a few powerful cleans brings the white back to the head.There is no need to seal the white - the rubber where the needle plunges is self-sealing. When ready to use just agitate by shaking. My steps for repair would be to change the top and do a few cleanings, if that does not work, I would then change damper and inspect where damper meets nipple to ensure it was not clogged there.

Thanks again for the reply. Your answers are always very helpful and much appreciated. I will go with your proposed solution and let you know the result. Hopefully, it may help other users as well.

Thanks for replying for not all do. When I post, it is only for things I know about. LOL - I have worked on most of the Rolands, and have done BN head replacements because of the white. The white is a little more forgiving on the larger machines. Just rememember if the issue is corrected. Take out the white ink if you are not using for a few days. The machine is design to clean more frequent when you are using special inks, however, if the top is older than 6 months it is hard to get the pull required. Also weekly add cleaning fluid to the top to assist in dissolving the heavier ink.

Update from last week.

It was a faulty damper. Replaced together with the cap top (just in case, it was probably older than 6 months anyway).

The white is printing, but it took some time. First nozzle check after the service showed around 50% for white, now it´s getting better.

I have just recently started adding cleaning fluid to cap top for weekly cleaning. I wish I knew that before, but the Roland manual does not say that.

Thanks again for your help. Hopefully this thread will help someone else as well.

Thanks for the update. Glad you are back, Happy CAMMing!


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