Anyone know why I would get an ink cartridge error on all five of my cartridges? They are all the way in. Not sure what else to try. It’s a brand new setup.

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When you say brand new setup - meaning new machine

Are all of your inks - OEM?

Did you set your own machine up and follow the instructions according to the manual?

Are you running the utility as an administrator?

Have your restarted your computer and the printer?

Yes it’s a brand new printer and install.. followed the guides and videos..the cleaning went well and everything went accordingly.. once it asked me to load the ink cartridges I did and that’s what pops up .. a win utility window with error for all five cartridges .. they are in correctly .. restarted computer and printer.. I am an administrator.. ink is ecosolve 3 ..

I am the one that approved you for this forum aren't you from Montana? Where did you get your printer from?

Does your ink actually say Eco-sol3? That is the issue. 

Eco-3 is used in Europe and you are not. The machine should be looking for the Max2.

How do I change it? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice trying to get an option to select the right inks but it will not let me.

So am I correct you have Max2 and not Max3?

I made that mistake when they starting selling machines for both markets in the states. 

You will have to contact your seller for it needs to be done from the Service App, which is a Technician Tool.

I sure appreciate your assistance. I did leave an email for support yesterday. My cartridges say ecosolve max and es3 on the side .. I didn’t get a sticker or any documentation stating what kind of ink I had otherwise I would have been able to select properly the first time.

Were you able to get it sorted out?

Yes.. got through to tech support and they changed the settings for me

Excellent - Happy CAMMing!


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