Hello Everyone,  I've been having some trouble with my BN-20 had this thing for almost a year and recently my nozzle checks have been missing cyan and randomly missing some other colors. 

I do manual cleaning every weekend 

print almost 3-4 times a week 

I just replaced my cap top about 2 days ago let it do the automatic clean after installation did a nozzle check still missing cyan. So after that i did a 2 powerful cleaning and boom perfect nothing missing. Did a couple more nozzle checks and everything was fine. So  started printing my designs, then i stopped printing for about 6 hours decided to just check the nozzles when i came back and same thing cyan is missing again and some other colors.

So right now I'm at a lose of what to do next, if anyone could give me some advice on what else i can do that would be wonderful.

My setup is,

Roland BN-20

Ink- Eco Sol MAX running CMYK+M

and printing on GVCP roland Vinyl

Thank you

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One picture at a time - is ever so helpful

When multiple images are in the same picture - you degrade the ability to zoom in and see what is necessary

Nozzles missing is CAPTOP

An entire channel missing is likely damper

A coming and going channel is likely failing damper or possible air in line.

For you removing air is done by powerful cleaning (multiple)

things to check - the ink lines going into the dampers (may have to snip a small amount to form a tighter seal) - if under was the issue - more colors affected

Check ink in cartridge and cartridge for defective seal where needle goes in

Make sure small spring is on front of captop

If damper is changed - then one must be very careful in doing it.

Thanks for the reply and ill remember to do one pic at a time.

So with the entire channel missing ive done multiple cleanings and the nozzles have come back, but its when i stop printing for the day and come back the next day to do a nozzle check cyan and sometimes other colors would be missing.

CAPTOP was replaced a couple days ago and small spring is installed 

with the damper im still fairly new with the machine as of parts wish, where would i locate the damper to check the ink lines

again thank you for the reply and advice on other things i should be checking

I cannot tell you how to replace the dampers only caution you on the procedure. If you remove the head cover - you will see the ink lines going in. Any with air bubbles in would be your area of concern. When the machine is at rest and settles in, that is when the air is seeping in and the ink is draining or retracting - the suction is being lost. So is the flushing adjustment to slack and not forming or keep a seal between head and captop, or seal at cartridge, or sealing at ink tube. If it is multiple colors then you need to state that for that is completely different than one color missing.

That's fine if you cant tell me, i feel like that's more of a tech thing to come and do. Dont want to damage anything. 

I believe I did state in my first post that sometimes other colors would go missing but that's ok. but it would mostly just but the one Cyan and some nozzles missing but those come back with a cleaning.

So i did 2 powerful cleaning and everything came back. I think next i should do is take off that blue top panel while its just sitting and see if any bubbles or air in the lines.

When you mean snip to make a tighter seal you are talking about the lines correct, but as of right now ill be keeping my eye on the lines, i took off the white side panel when it was cleaning and those 2 lines from the top cap to the drain tank were working properly.

lots of trial and error but that's the fun of starting a new adventure

one more thing would heat play a role in what is happening 


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