I bought my printer to mainly print on heat transfer vinyl. I have stahls express print and using vectors I usually get acceptable results using the express print profile in Versaworks. However some files with darker colors start out correct on the first pass then change to something totally off. Today I had a print like this and switched from the express print profile to the Ttrh profile and it printed correctly. Shouldn’t it print better using the profile from the media manufacturer and why does this happen with some prints and not others ?  I use adobe illustrator for design and windows 10 computer. Just trying to understand why this happens in some prints. Below is a photo of what I’ve described. The express print profile starts off brown as it should the. Switches to almost pink. Same file with ttrh profile prints close to what I expect

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So many variables

Size of file, amount of HD space

Amount of free HD space

Amount of Ram

File format

VW version,


I always have Rolands on hand - I like TTRH, but HTM2 n 3 better

thanks again.  I was thinking along those lines and I'm in the process now of clearing space on my hard drive and updating to VW 6 if I can.  I have been getting message disk is full off and on.  This printer in the two weeks I've had it is like boats i've owned in the past.  They would always get me to my favorite fishing hole but for some reason I always wanted to tinker with them until they got me there faster.  Steep learning curve with color, file formats, etc but I must enjoy it because it's consuming my time right now.

LOL, but when you do get it - it will go fast and be second nature

Search the forum, I have been posting about 10 years

Raster file use Pre-press US in color management section of VW

VEctor use Max Impact

RVW color chart - Density Control

On the printer tab all three sections Default Media

Design in RGB, Pantone, RVW - VW Rip will convert to CMYK

Quick Notes, but so much more

Yes - when I see prints like that - YOu ran out of HD space since the info is store on HD until it is called for


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