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I replaced a print head today and after replacing the head, I keyed in the rank# and then sub menu head replace and it did an ink fill automatically and asked me to close the valve, bcos my valve are either jam or frozen, I am unable to turn it. Now every time I turn machine on it will show Select Ink Type: E-Sol Max4Color on led and when press enter it will do ink fill again. How do I cancel this function of ink fill or bye pass Select Ink Type: E-Sol Max4Color? I did a cold reset by powering down and unplug machine.

Thanks for sharing

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You are in a loop that has to be completed. So open the left cover and look at the valve. Some times you are turning in the wrong direction, so turn the other way. Looking in you can see what is what. I have removed the covers to access the mechanical lever. Lube it if must or see what is blocking it. 

As for the by-pass. In my younger VC days when doing an install and hitting the wrong button. Turning the machine on, then off, then on again had a tendency to reset the machine. Not remembering whether I let it fully come on, but try it both ways.

Thanks for the reply Irv,

When it asked me to Select Ink Type: E-Sol Max4Color, I went over the sub-arrow and select Max 4 Color and enter and cold re-start therefore I think the continuous head replace ink fill has stopped (not sure it will come back bcos I managed able to do cleaning). After print head replacement, I should have just do powerful cleaning instead. Yeah! I thought about lubing it but I should have open cover to see why I am having hard time turning it.

Thanks Brother.

You always have to reconfirm the ink type - some think you can change type here, but it is looking for you to select what was there before. I have bent allen wrenches on doing the manual chokes - sometimes it just a matter of it slipping out of place.


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