Certain days we start up our 300v it takes 10-15 times of resetting the clamp before it reads the media. I know its the left pinch roller, its like it needs to be in a very certain spot. We already replaced the encoder strip, so from what Ive read its the cut carriage cable and/or board. I don't know what that is, can someone post a pic or explain where that is?

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Be careful as shot gunning a problem can be costly. I believe Irving mentioned the potential issues with some machines concerning the cable but he was just pointing to a potential issue. The scan motor, pinch roller sensor is a possibility to but it requires an assessment to determine the root cause.

Replacing the cut carriage cable is not a basic maintenance operation. It requires a tension meter. Some techs can adjust the cable by feel but that takes experience. The probability of the encoder strip was very low as you stated it took a while for the printer to get going. 

to answer you question

The cable runs the length of the frame and requires the removal of


to get to it.

I'm not sure you want to do it yourself.


There is the Cut carriage cable as described above and there is also a cut carriage ribbon cable that runs from the board to the cut carriage supplying info to the carriage

I had the same problem it would take forever for sheet set up. I replaced this ribbon cable and I posted a how to on this forum. The cable snakes through the printer so rather than removing and then trying to snake the new one in I just  removed it from the board and taped the new one to it and then pulled it through the printer using the old one.

Where is the "How to" post to replace the cut carriage ribbon cable?



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