Hello.  I need to replace the print head in our SP300-V and I would like to do it myself.  Is this hard to accomplish?  I have the service manual if that helps at all.  Thanks.

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If you haven't already done so it's not too hard, digi print supplies do tutorial on the video sites

Hopefully you got the link before I had to delete it! We do not allow service mode entry on this site, since it can destroy a machine in the wrong hands. PS it was posted for a while!

Sorry Irving,

Didn't know you didn't allow things like that.

I won't make that mistake again.


No worries Russ we have an agreement with Roland so I did my due diligence, after allowing it to be there a while - LOL. If you posted a service manual, I might have to make the time to send you a memo, but I know you meant to do well and we can use more help around here. Thanks for contributing, and Happy CAMMing! Reading the manual is next to impossible to get, the video would put you closer to getting in, but still no guarantees.again LOL! 

Hello all, I need to replace a head on my SP300v.  Can someone recommend a reputable US based supplier to purchase from ? 

Thank you,


Hi Irv ! 

Miami Sign Supply , anyone here buy from them ?


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