Hey everyone,

I have a very expensive white table cloth ($135) that I put a Quick Print logo onto.  The customer doesn't like the color on one portion of the design (although they approved the artwork).  Is there anyway to get that piece off so I can print that portion again?  I'm scared to use the chemicals as they usually bleed and the tablecloth is white.  

I saw in one post someone used a heat gun to pull the vinyl up.  Do you think this is possible?  Do you just use one of the cheap craft guns that you can get at Staples?

Thanks for the help.  I would really rather not pay for another tablecloth as then I will be losing money on this deal.



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You can use a hi temp heat gun ( Craftsman Harbor Freight Home Depot etc.) to remove the  decal then use methylene chloride remove glue residue. Any remaining residue can be removed by laying a piece of transfer mask over the area press at 320 for 10 sec. Peel hot. The methylene chloride breaks down the adhesive to where the mask will remove most if not all. 

Just to add to what Butch said, use the meth initially from the back of the tablecloth to help reduce any ink running onto and staining the tablecloth. (Lay it over a bowl)If you accidently get color on the front, a high force spot gun should (hopefully) get it out.
Good Luck

Use the methyl chloride in a well ventilated area.

It's kind of a touchy "repair" with the material substrate your using. Did the customer require a pantone match to begin with. We have not had a lot of great results doing this with tee shirts. It's expensive but we would most likely redo the project and try to recoup pantone charges if not originally agreed upon. Good luck Debbie :)


Re print the same logo with corrected colors, apply over the old.

This is an older thread but here is what I have done in the past.  Hopefully you got it worked out.  I have used a heat gun in the past to remove vinyl when I am redoing the design.  Usually on cut vinyl though.  Sol Opaq is a real bear using a heat gun to near impossible.  Not sure about Quickprint.  You can't really see the left over adhesive on white fabric even though it is there but dark or colored fabric you will see it.    In the future what you might want to do is mark the top, bottom and sides of where your graphic is with a pen that has water soluble ink such as used for marking fabric for embroidery.  This way you know where to position your new graphic.  Remove the old graphic with a heat gun only if possible (no chemicals if the same design is going back on).  Print and cut the new graphic slightly larger (if possible) and apply it in the same spot.  I have not seen any problems with applying again over the little bit of adhesive left from removing a graphic. 

I agree with John. Sol Opaque is damn near impossible to remove because it gooey, stretches and melts when heated, unlike Quick Print which can be removed with a little practice and care.


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