I run a Versacamm 640 and I replaced the scan motor. When I turned it on again, it started giving me error codes basically saying I needed to Reinitialize The Limit, when doing so the machine keeps telling me that the "Position Invalid Out of Range" (the head is locked in place). I have already cleaned all sensors and checked the wiring. Any Suggestions??? 

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We were having issues is a general reply which does not help is isolating the trouble. If kinda like going to the doctor and saying I'm sick. Symptom description helps in pinpointing problems for resolution.

You should not have just reset and clear all the parameters. There are important settings that need to be set in order for the printer to operate correctly. Most likely you did not get a copy of those settings so you will have to reconfigure everything.

Chances are you erased the scan motor setting. That is system switch page 16 bit 4. Try setting that bit to 1 and the should clear that problem if you have not tampered with the motor or encoder strip.

From there you should go through an install head rank and all.

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We did not tamper with motor nor did we tamper with the encoder. Head rank is set ok, and we just set page 16 to 1 (was at a 0) and still same issue. I do understand that we will have to go through paramaters and reset all but that should be easy once we get through this limit issue... Is there any other dip switch settings that may cause this that you are aware of?  I know we replaces the scan motor last year and i do recall having an issue similar to this when we did so. I just cant for the life of me remember what we did to get it past this limit initialization. 

It should be page 16 and only bit 4 should be high or set to 1.
When you display it machine language reads right to left on print out 00001000. It will be 4th bit on screen.


Yes We were able to get that. It still isn't working. We keep getting the same message."Position Invalid Out of Range"  All of our other one are all 0 so i was wondering if it could be one of those. 

It sounds like you need a new encoder strip to me. The error you are getting is from it not reading the correct number of steps and it will not allow for an initialization.

Sometimes the easiest solution is the best. Changing the scan motor settings is not the easiest solution.

Steve Steve Steve, lol

I would never make suggestions based on ease of resolution. The suggestion is based on data and probability. Prior scan motor replacement along with system parameter reset draws a high probability of the system switch flag being lost.

It was later confirmed that the scan motor was replaced. The scan motor replacement if not original part requires a bracket change with a switch flag set.

The origin "issue" was never clarified which add to the question of how did you end up with the initialization fault.

We will see if the poster returns. I'm interested to know what happened.


Thank you for looking at it. I feel I left out some information and we might be trying to figure out the wrong problem. I created a new thread and it more clearly states the issue i believe

I had same problem with roland sp300v i found the solution, just replaced scan motor / sensor encoder reader/ strip encoder/ all was perfect after replaced those 3 spare parts ! no more problems, and spend just $200 very cheap

Hi, having the same exact problem please help

Hi Irving, any ideas?

The answer is in the document. May not be your machine, but same procedure and it tells you what to do if what you see happens happens


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