Hi! Irv,

Here to find out if anyone ever have this issue before. I have an RE640 and every time I start the printer it will says temperature too low, I have no problem printing using service mode and enable the heater but not user mode. This is what I did so far, I replaced the data head cables and the thick cables from print carriage to main board and fuses. Sometimes one fuse would blow but other times fuses and transistors all have connectivity. I know there is are heat detector on the print heads, but I changed a few sets of old print heads I bought on Ebay. Could it be the thermistor board, but it does run the heater up in service mode though? Any other option I miss.

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I would have to search that

In service mode - heaters are not used

When you turn them on and they work, then you are by passing something and I do not know what that is

So turn your printer heaters lower, use the media profile to determine the temperature

My first thought is the thermistor board

Ok! Boss I will locate the thermistor board and check cable or re-sit again. I took out the wrong board from the rear instead, the junction board. Signs business real slow man, is it me or everyone.

I believe everyone. I still get installs. Repairs (paid) are slow. Here is booming - LOL!

What a day. My first though is the thermistor board so I did changed that first and try, but still the same...temperature too low. I make sure the dryer is also turned on then I changed junction board to try and still the same. Lastly I changed the power board that have cables connected to junction and thermistor board (I used VP540 power board instead and one cable is different) still the same temperature too low. The only thing I hv not change its the white cables attached to the platen. But in service mode it will heat up and print if you start the heater that shows board and cables working, what else could it be?

One thing if my print carriage board isn't working properly would it relate to temperature too low error? You see in my cropmark sense, I'm not getting correct output range...I'm getting 4.12 and should be 0.35 to 0.50. I turned it too many times and it's too loose now and will not adjust. Boss any ideas??


It sounds like a power supply issue. If voltage is off, and fuses are good, then power supply. If you do not know the voltage let me know and I will have to pull the manual and get the correct one.


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