I have a problem with my friend's RE640, I changed the dampers and flush the printhead and I did wrapped the print head board with tissue paper and ink on dampers are kind mess on dampers and could have corroded with some ink on the printhead or print carriage board and shorted the board. I turn on the sub power and it will not power up. I look at the main board fuses and it has connectivity so as the power supply board but servor board will not lit up, since fuses are good on main board what connection stop the servor from lightning up and not powering up the machine. Prior to this issue, I only remove and insert back the data head cable back to print carriage. Thanks guys

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Eco solvent ink on any cable or board will compromise that board, so look in see where the ink went and be prepare to replace.


The only thing I could think of is that I corroded the printhead board or the data head flex cables that servor board won't light up resulting I couldn't start up the machine. If i clean the printhead tiny board with alcohol and replace data head flex cables would that helps? there is also a short cable between main and servor other then that F1 & F2 have connectivity so as the 2 fuses on power supply board. Pls. help master

No master, but let us think this thru - rather quickly!

Power goes towards the printhead from the fuses, not vice versa

if servo board is not powered - then start from fuse and work towards the board.

The manual shows you the electrical trail.

You will find later that the printhead board is blown too, but you are getting ahead of yourself.

And No, cleaning with alcohol after it just happens gives you hope - you wait hours and the solvent already ate through the coating - surprise you did not see stop becoming unglued.


I have not solve my problem on my Re-640, here are the symptoms of the machine,
Changed Dampers and a bit of ink landed on the Print Carriage Board but all fuses have connectivity and all boards light up except Servor Board therefore I disconnect the flex cables from the Print Carriage Board to the printhead to test and Servor Board light.


I changed Print Carriage Board and Linear Encoder Sensor and did Linear Encoder and Linear Encoder check and passed

Final Test:

Its printing Blank so it tells me its electrical problem, I took print head out to check if there is ink on it but it clean and nice then I reset all flex cables from print head to Print Carriage Board still printing blank. Could it be the 3 Ribbon Cables (main board to carriage board p/n# 1000004962) but I check end to end connectivity (every pin) and its good but I could miss some
Do I go ahead and order the 3 Ribbon Cables (main board to carriage board) or missing some steps, appreciate your help as always


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